Thursday, May 28, 2020

Thanks for being the girl of my dreams!

Hi Namita , 

I remember the first time when I saw you as I walked out of the Cairo airport ! Your face was titillating wrapped in a red beautiful sumptuous Gown! I couldn't take off my eyes from you now As i was getting more curious to know who you are ...u seemed to be waiting for someone there so I decided to wait And sat beside you without making u feel my presence. Now I started thinking some reasons to talk with you so that I cud bring myself near to u . you stole my heart at first glance your face was reflecting like a twin son and the makeover which u had was enough to define ur personality.

I had never influenced so much by anyone but you stole my peace and left my heart keep on throbbing. Now I got to know I couldn’t enjoy Cairo without you so I muster some courage and started talking to you in a very chivalrous manner.
The topic I choose was staying in Cairo for the next five days . Fortunately, you are also looking for some guest as you are living alone there with your beautiful skills. As our conversation went on I felt you so much close to me n stating my origin gave u more confidence abt ur security. So U offered me accommodation with some all the conditions mentioned. I was feeling on cloud nine . Now I was not thinking about exploring Cairo just wanna be with u only for d next 5 days. It was late night wen we reached home. But u offered me dinner n inspite of that wearisome journey how cud I let that opportunity go.
I had dat delectable dinner with u n den slept. Next day wen u came upstairs to wake me up , I was still in ur dreams but anyhow u succeeded to get me up as u wanted to know all abt my schedule .
Ur friendly talk made me so cool which disclosed my feelings to be with u only but anyhow I fabricated my words n persuaded u to make me hangout there. By d evening we have become good frnds like we know each other from d ages. We bantered; partied n ate a lot n reached home again so late. That night I felt more intense feeling abt u. I became so inquisitive to know abt u more n more. U started showing me ur pics in different attire n I was like staring u n taking much enough time for every pic . Now u started feeling my vibrations somewhere but kept silent. But slowly n gradually we shove into each other with all our interest n hobbies. You were enjoying every moment with me n stopped going to office till my last day in Cairo. I dint believe in love at first sight until I met u . But u made dis possible. It's not bad to miss someone every now n then. 
Thanks for being the girl of my dreams!

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